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to Eric's Home Page 6 Jul 2009, at 0:07 Site Map Debugging info: $home /public/html/catb/esr $config .sitemaprc $docroot /public/html/catb/esr $prefix /~esr This is an index automatically generated from meta tags present in each of the pages. Top-level pages are listed first. Licensing-HOWTO.html: Licensing HOWTO This is a DRAFT of an OSI working paper. It has not yet been formally approved by OSI's board, though OSI and its legal counsel have approved the direction of the work. This document explains how U.S. copyright and licensing law applies to open-source software projects. It compares the strengths and weaknesses of the existing open-source licenses, and gives guidance on how to choose a license for your project. It also explains the legalities of changing a project's license. It suggests new practice for coping with today's high-threat legal environment — this part is a must-read for all project leaders. roles.html: OSI Mission, Roles, and Responsibilities Mission, procedures, roles, and jo

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