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Molten Lava Productions, SPAM and UCE e-mail filtering

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Molten Lava Productions, SPAM and UCE e-mail filtering
Molten Lava Productions, SPAM and UCE e-mail filtering www.epage.com.au/spambam/ ( 404 non vérifié )
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Spambam is a new program from Molten Lava productions that will free your inbox from all that annoying unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) AKA Spam. Spambam operates in the background on your PC and it has been designed to operate as transparently as possible. Spambam is currently in a beta testing stage but it is expected to be widely available soon. If you would like to be on the Beta testing team, send e-mail stating your company, position and qualifications to cain@epage.com.au. Where Spambam stands out from the crowd is not only the way it uses three powerful methods of detecting spam, but also the fact that it keeps itself up to date with no user intervention. All you have to do is set it up, lay back, and forget you ever had a problem with spam. How does Spambam work? Simple, Spambam runs on your PC and acts as a POP3 and SMTP Proxy for your mail client. So instead of connecting to your server to get and send mail, your client connect to Spambam and it gets the mail for you (after making sure i

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